Google and Apple are pushing to ban the TikTok app

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Google and Apple have been asked by the FCC commissioner to ban the TikTok app in their app service stores.

commissioner Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Brendan Carr, urged Apple and Google to ban the TikTok app in its own app service store. This ties to a report that Beijing employees had access to user data tick tock in the United States.

“TikTok is not just an app videos. It’s a cover,” Brendan Carr wrote in a tweet Twitter personally, quoted from Engadget (29/6).

As quoted, Brendan Carr has reportedly written letters to Apple and Google regarding the ban. In this letter, Carr urges the company to remove TikTok from stores application you.

This letter of inquiry from Carr relates to the report BuzzFeed News who reviewed the leaked audio from 80 internal TikTok meetings. Based on the leaked audio recording, the parent company employee ByteDance based in China repeatedly accessed the personal information of users in the United States.

According to reports BuzzFeed Newsone of the members Trust and Security Department TikTok said at its September 2021 meeting that everything is visible in China. At another meeting, another director revealed that an engineer was nicknamed ‘master admin’ those based in Beijing have access to everything.

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Additionally, Carr attached other reports to his letter that provided evidence and findings regarding TikTok’s data practices. This includes an earlier report in which researchers found that the app could bypass security Android and iOS Access to sensitive user data.

Carr also cited TikTok’s 2021 decision to pay $92 million to settle dozens of lawsuits alleging it collected and sold personal information to advertisers without consent. These allegations mostly come from the data of TikTok users who are still minors.

“It is clear that TikTok poses an unacceptable national security risk due to its extensive data collection combined with Beijing’s apparently uncontrolled access to this sensitive data,” Carr wrote in the letter.

Carr is asking Apple and Google to explain why they’re not removing by July 8 social media it from their shop. Carr is reportedly the only signer of the letter so far.

Meanwhile, the remaining FCC officers did not appear to have been involved in signing the solicitation letter that Carr had filed. So far there has been no official statement on the matter.

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