Google releases YouTube Watch feature with picture-in-picture mode for iPhone and iPad

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YouTube picture-in-picture header.

Gadgets – After many requests from users, YouTube is finally through the page Google official announced that it will soon release picture-in-picture (PiP) functionality for iPhone and iPad devices.

In the near future, the PiP feature for iPhone and iPad devices will ensure that YouTube can be enjoyed by premium users worldwide who access all types of content without ads, as well as general users in the United States who have limited access have or with advertising .

It is not yet known when the PiP function for iPhone and iPad will come to Indonesia. However, YouTube said it would gradually roll it out to all users.

To enable this feature yourself, users simply go to the “Settings” or “Preferences” menu on the iPhone or iPad in the YouTube application, then select the “General” menu and tap the “Picture in Picture” menu to turn it on to activate.

With the PiP function, users can perform multitasking activities on the phone screen. While watching YouTube, users can engage in other activities on the mobile screen, e.g. B. open a web browser, send e-mails, read messages and much more.

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Technically, the PiP feature displays a small window or floating window that sits in the corner of the screen and can be adjusted by the user according to their individual convenience. For the desired time, the small YouTube window keeps playing the video and the screen disappears when the user taps the cross in the upper right corner of the small window.

Image of the YouTube Premium header

Previously, the PiP feature was available for Android devices from version 8 (Oreo) up to the latest version which is Android 12. Apart from Android devices, PiP can also be enabled in web browsers on computing devices like PCs and laptops.

However, only YouTube Premium users can access the PiP feature in the YouTube application installed on an Android device. YouTube Premium users just need to enable it through the YouTube application in the Settings or Preferences menu and select General. After that, tap on the picture-in-picture menu listed below.

On the other hand, if users have not subscribed to YouTube Premium, they can still use this feature on the YouTube website accessed through the Chrome web browser by enabling it through Settings and Application Management on the Android system. Around See the previous Gadgetren article for detailed steps.

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