How to clear cache on Vivo Mobile to solve various problems

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How to clear cache on Vivo HP - Headers

Gadgetren – Clearing cache can always be reliable to solve a number of problems when we use Android-based mobile phones, including devices from Vivo.

cache or Also known as a cache file It is very helpful when we operate mobile phones, starting from running the system, opening applications and accessing web pages.

The temporary file is used to make the mobile phone work without the need to repeatedly create or download data. Therefore, its performance will be faster when dealing with applications, systems and the web.

It’s just that if the cache is continuously abandoned, it can make the disk space tighter and tighter. Not infrequently, it even becomes the cause of a number of problems because it can trigger inequalities in the processing of data.

Fortunately, clearing the cache is safe. On vivo mobile phones we can also do it very easily, without having to install third-party applications or cleaning services.

How to clear cache on Vivo Mobile

About settings

  1. Open settings
  2. open menu applications
  3. Locate the application in question
  4. Tap on the app
  5. Go to the section storage
  6. click button clear cache

Each version of Funtouch OS has a different interface, so menu naming and placement may look different. Therefore, we may need to adjust some of the above steps.

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For example, in Funtouch OS 4.5 we find the application management menu named App manager while in Funtouch OS 4.0 and below the designation is used applications. Both can be unlocked via the More settings.

The above steps can also be an alternative if we only want to clear the cache for some applications. In the meantime, we can use the i Manager application to do it as a whole.

Using i Manager

  1. Run the app I manager
  2. Wait for the application to finish scanning
  3. open menu clean up space When you’re done with that
  4. click button clean up everything
  5. click One touch cleanup

Pressing the one-touch wipe button in the i Manager application will erase three types of data. This includes unused caches, temporary data files, and log files.

According to the Funtouch OS version, the i Manager application interface also changes. So we may need to adjust some of the steps in the above review if we want to clear cache on our Vivo phones.

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