Meet Samsung’s advanced features – utilities that make it easier to use

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Meet the advanced features of Samsung - Headers

Gadgets – Samsung equips various types of mobile devices with many innovative features by supporting advanced features introduced in One UI system interface.

We can use different functions in it to simplify the use of the device or to have specific support outside of the main functions that the Android system offers in general.

The availability of support in the advanced features themselves depends on the device model and the version of the One UI interface. They can be very different from each other due to differences in hardware capabilities and the systems used.

Device models from Samsung in the lower mid-range are generally supported to a lesser extent in this regard. Meanwhile, the opposite applies to the upper middle class, which will bring more complete features with it.

Still, the support that Samsung’s advanced features offer is basically more or less the same. If you don’t know him yet, you can get to know him through the following review.

Explore advanced features on Samsung devices

Advanced features are a series of support offerings from Samsung to provide its devices with additional utilities to simplify users’ activities.

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For example, by using these functions we can customize the function of device buttons, change screen gestures, connect mobile phones to laptops to access notifications faster.

There are at least 11 features offered by the advanced features of Samsung mobile phones. These include Side Button, Bixby Routines, Link to Windows, Smart Popup View, Motion and Gestures, Screenshots and Screen Recorder, One-handed Mode, Game Launcher, Video Enhancer, SOS Message to Dual Messenger.

Types of support offered for advanced Samsung features

feature function
side key Change the function of the side button, whether it’s just used as a power button or for something else
Bixby Routines Make automatic settings based on the user’s daily usage routine
Link to windows Allows users to access Samsung device notifications, texts, calls, photos and screen display directly from Microsoft Windows-based computers
Intelligent pop-up view Set notifications for some apps to show immediately or open in a floating window
movements and gestures Manage features of device screen swipe gestures and gestures like taking screenshots or muting phone calls
Screenshots and screen recorder Enable and manage screenshot toolbar (tool menu displayed with thumbnail). Screen Recording Settings
one-hand mode Activate and set up the device to make it easier to use with one hand
Game launcher Activate a special launcher that collects the game collection on your phone in one place
video enhancer Enhance the picture quality of a video to make it brighter and clearer
SOS message Allows users to send emergency messages faster
Duplicate messenger Duplicate the app to work with two accounts at the same time
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Aside from the features mentioned above, Samsung’s advanced features also come with limited support features for some high-end devices. These include the Samsung Dex and the S Pen.

Samsung Dex serves to put the interface into desktop mode so that it can be used like a computer. While the S-Pen includes stylus accessory settings for devices that support it.

The different types of support mentioned above can be accessed directly from the settings. We can open it through settings > Advanced features Then select the menu corresponding to the function in question.

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