OpenSea users email data leaked, beware of phishing

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Gadgetren – The OpenSea NFT Marketplace has reportedly been the victim of a data breach at one of its email service providers, A employee is known to have downloaded and shared an OpenSea user account and newsletter subscriber email address with an unauthorized third party.

In an official statement via OpenSea blog siteCory Hardman, as Head of Security OpenSea, informed all OpenSea account holders and newsletter subscribers that their emails were likely to become victims of leaked email addresses.

His party is also currently working with their service partner to conduct an investigation and has reported this incident to law enforcement.

Cory also urges OpenSea users to remain vigilant against phishing emails and other fraudulent attempts, particularly those impersonating or in the name of OpenSea emails such as, and The official email is from the domain.

In addition to being more cautious about suspicious email addresses, OpenSea advises its users not to download attachments or click on links from OpenSea emails indiscriminately.

Users are also advised not to make wallet transactions directly from emails or share or confirm secret wallet phrases. If a user finds a suspicious email originating from OpenSea, they can report it via email

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On the other hand, through reports TechCrunch said his employee misused access to perform certain actions on OpenSea and after this incident the employee’s access was taken over and the service was suspended.

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