Tips on making money with TikTok via TikTok Shop

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Dynamic collaboration between sellers, creators and TikTok users is the key to TikTok Shop business success.

tick tock now it is no longer just a short video sharing platform but also e-trade that hosts small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in the TikTok Shop feature. During the TikTok Shop Seller Conference on June 26, TikTok Shop showed its support for SME development in Indonesia.

Dynamic collaboration between sellers, creators and users is the key to business success in TikTok Shop. At the conference, attended by more than 100 sellers from Indonesia, sellers and developers shared their experiences of working together on TikTok Shop. They also share tips for maximizing sales on the platform, including:

  • Live stream regularly

In the TikTok Shop, many sellers use the live stream sales function to directly contact and interact with creators and users or potential customers. With deeper interactions, sellers can convey more interest to potential customers.

As confirmed by Ayjona Store, one of the sellers at TikTok Shop, live stream sales can help potential customers choose the right product.

“Our challenge is how users want to engage with our kaftan collection and interact with hosts or vendors, whenever and wherever they are. Together with livestream hosts, we continue to learn how to package sessions that are fun and informative, and users will feel that it’s more convenient to shop at our TikTok store,” said Dina Apria Geni, owner of Ayjona Store.

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Ayjona Store Live streams for 24 hours, with three changes of host or MC. Through this strategy, the seller managed to see a 10x increase in GMV during Ramadan 2022 on the TikTok shop.

  • Get the most out of TikTok’s video editing features

Selling on video creation platforms such as tick tock make marketing easier for the seller. With a range of video editing features available, sellers can make the most of it to create short marketing videos.

Also, sellers can use trending songs on TikTok to reach a wider range of potential customers.

“Fortunately, there are many trending songs that we can use in our short video content on TikTok, combined with the Ads solution to allow us to bring users to our live stream sales sessions and shop on our TikTok store account,” said Bella junartha. Owner of GBMJ Boutique. .

  • collaboration with creators

Having a creator or someone they admire can help brands produce short video content and live streams with high audience participation. According to Natasha Surya, a TikTok content creator who frequently promotes products in live stream sessions, one of the unique things about TikTok Shop is the collaboration between creators and sellers.

“This bond between sellers, developers and users makes TikTok Shop unique, where users can find products and shop in a fun way without having to switch applications,” said Natasha, who has managed to generate sales of more than 110,000 products the last 8 months in the TikTok shop.

In addition, working with content creators can also provide insight into the packaging of good content. Shop At Blow owner Vincent Octavianus said: “We’ve also learned from the creators and celebrities who work together how to package our promotional content more attractively. Of course, this will help us entertain our customers while shopping in our TikTok store.” .”

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